Jen lives in Portland, Oregon, with her imaginary mini bulldog and a lot of leftovers. Her hobbies include browsing grocery stores and farmers' markets, experimenting with recipes involving melted chocolate and lots of it, reading The Onion, taking pictures of pocket ninjas, trying new cavas, and thinking about lunch.

She's been a sports editor, journalist, cook, food stylist and kindergarten teacher, but has nonetheless managed to retain a few shreds of sanity. Her lifelong love for food and writing come together in her food website, Under the Table With Jen, where she writes about all the best things to eat and drink in Portland. Jen is the author of Portland's 100 Best Places To Stuff Your Faces, the very best excuse for indigestion and a muffin top you'll ever have. She also writes the Facestuffer Guides, a collection of e-guides for food-focused travlelers.